BARSKA Blueline 8×22 Waterproof Golf Scope (Yards)

Model: AA10199
Manufacturer: Barska
Color: Black

Estimate the range to the pin with internal distance reticle
Handy and portable as includes a belt-clip leatherette pouch
Ruby coated optics to minimize UV glare
O-ring sealed for complete waterproof
Measures a range from 50 yards to 200 yards

This Blueline golfscope will give you an extra edge in trimming some strokes off your golf score, and help you keep track of that long drive down the fairway.It helps you estimate the range to the pin with an internal distance reticle so no more guesswork needed! And not only that, the scope is waterproof too so no fears of rain! Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Price: $20.94