2016 Monument Golfer Stick It Magnetic Rangefinder Strap Classic Series Classic Red

Brand: Monumental Golger
Manufacturer: Monumental Golger
Color: Classic Red

Provides an added layer of protection that reduces the wear and tear on the rangefinder itself.
The magnet strength is strong enough to withstand severe bumps, sharp turns and sudden stops.
The magnetic strap sticks to the golf cart roof frame or steering column, meaning the rangefinder is always within arm’s reach-a great alternative to getting tossed in cart cubbies, drink holders or back in the golf bag between shots.
The magnets stick to the club allowing easy access for walkers, par 3 tee boxes or anytime when away from the cart.
Increased accessibility to the rangefinder from shot to shot

Monument Golf LLC is introducing the most exciting new golf product to hit the market in years. The Stick It® magnetic rangefinder strap. After months of testing different product designs, materials and magnet strengths, Monument Golf created a magnetic r

Price: $25.45