What is the best golf range finder?

A golf rangefinder can be an indispensable tool if you’re trying to step up your golf workout on the links. It can remove much of the guesswork on the program, assisting you to shape your shots and accurately calculating space.

There are a whole lot of great models on the industry at the moment, but there are just as many that you will need to avoid. Like any gadgets, it is crucial to do the research before purchasing.

That is why we chose to rank a number of those top-selling rangefinders on the market now, searching for the versions that live up to the hype. We wanted to weigh their strengths against their weaknesses to determine which versions were worth their price tags that will assist you.

To select our favorites, we looked at specialist reviews and field evaluations. We weighed amateur golfers’ opinions to ascertain how each version that was useful and accessible felt to the consumer.

Greatest Golf Rangefinder Reviews

1. Bushnell Tour Z6

The consensus on Bushnell is virtually universal in the golf community, and their products are observed among the equipment of almost every pro golfer. The Tour Z6 is one of rangefinding equipment of their series.

Component of the wide appeal of new Bushnell versions is the new, patented “pinseeker with JOLT” technology. After the system locks onto the pin (or another goal), it vibrates from the consumer’s hands.

The Tour Z6 ranges from 5 to 1,300 yards with an accuracy within 1/2 lawn. It gives Display technologies and magnification, which adjusts the lighting conditions to be matched by the optics.

It is also a remarkably compact unit, with a dimpled rubber outside for improved grip. Despite its dimensions, but the structure is durable. It’s also waterproof, which is excellent news for foggy and rainy climates.

The Bushnell Tour Z6 is among the more affordable Bushnell versions, yet it still provides consistent quality and outcomes, making near perfect scores from reviewers, bloggers, and books online.

Owners report that the Z6 is excellent at ranging a trap or danger, even against cluttered backdrops like dense tree lines and bushes. Results are fast and precise, improved by Bushnell’s E.S.P. (intense speed accuracy) technology. Buyers stated that the Z6 offers a reading to you before you have finished pressing on the button! They said it was a leap forward. Buyers stated that in the background, this one will not get thrown off by trees or other objects unlike older versions.

The JOLT vibrating technology is not only a neat perk–it really helps you maintain a steady lock on the goal, according to reviewers. The sensation provides an intuitive feel to ranging and finding objects.

When you combine the JOLT using a one-button point-and-click operation, you get a uniquely natural interface. Like lots of Bushnell’s versions, even though it comes that golfers will enjoy, the interface is easy enough for novices to enjoy. Buyers stated that the bright display remains legible even in sun. They liked having the JOLT confirmation.

Clients rated the optics and exhibit highly also. Reviewers found that the Z6 was readable and bright from dusk into the afternoon sun’s light, in a vast array of lighting conditions.

Some users found the small dimensions and light weight of the model for a negative quality. Though it is considered an advantage by many, some had difficulty holding the steady while. You might want to think about buying a two-handed or bigger model if you suffer from hands.

The Bushnell Tour Z6 hits all the right notes for consumers–it adds new and exciting technologies, while still preserving high marks in essential categories like precision, optics and variety.

It is our top pick because of its compact yet durable construct, mid price point, and outstanding performance. The Z6 is highly recommended by us, if you’re searching for one that will provide you an advantage on the program.

2. Bushnell Pro X7

If you have got the budget for it, you would be hard-pressed to locate a better rangefinder for golfing compared to Bushnell Pro X7. This version is the number one choice among PGA players because of magnification and its precision.

Since both the Guru X7 and the Tour Z6 are both made by Bushnell, they share a whole lot of the exact same technology and features. For example, the Guru X7 also has JOLT, in Addition to the E.S.P ranging system and Vivid Display Tech.

So what distinguishes the Pro X7 in the Tour Z6?

For starters, the X7 has a huge assortment of 5 yards to a mile. That is 1760 yards to the Z6’s 1300. Both units share the margin of accuracy of 1/2 lawn.

The Guru X7 can be substantially larger than the Z6, necessitating two-handed operation. The X7 also includes a superior 7x magnification.

The Guru X7 comes in two variations, one with incline technology and one without. Technology gauges the difference in altitude between the target and the consumer. It is not permitted under USGA championship rules although it is a feature.

Bushnell brags that the Guru X7 is the most effective rangefinder on the market–and we’re inclined to agree.

All the good that comes from the Tour Z6 is seen in the Guru X7 (except for the small size). Ranging is fast and accurate with the E.S.P. technologies, and the optics are clear and bright in almost any light conditions. Buyers said the picture is fantastic, with a balance of magnification and clarity power. They said that it worked in most light conditions, which made shots easier .

You will know you have your target, also, with no guesswork. This one vibrates to affirm target acquisition!

Using its superior variety and greater magnification, the Guru X7 is a must-have for the golfer who wants the true top-of-the-line alternative. It has a rather impressive quantity of power in its package that is little, and any player won’t be disappointed!

Though it’s the most widely-used version among expert golfers, first time users discovered the X7 quite easy to use. The design is ergonomic, making ranging goals that are far-off a matter of clicking and aiming. New golfers stated that this instrument helped them improve their accuracy and distance on the green and on the range.

the principal downside of this X7 is the greater cost–all that excess power, clearly, will be more expensive. Among those who have bought this model all agree it’s well worth the investment.

Another downside of the one is the opposite problem of our top pick–a few owners complained that the Guru X7 is bulky.

With widespread praise among both amateurs and professionals, the Bushnell Pro X7 really earns its name as the most effective rangefinder on the market today. With magnification range, and speed, this one is.

It’s easy to see why this is the version preferred by the huge majority of professional golfers now. If you’re searching for the best performance available on your rangefinder that is next, the Guru X7 is worth the investment.

3. TecTecTec VPRO500

When the price tags of high-end rangefinders make you nervous, or if you’re searching for your first rangefinder, there are a variety of great rangefinders that won’t break the bank.

Our beloved budget-friendly rangefinder is your TecTecTec VPRO500. This device is among the earns top marks, and most popular on Amazon bracket–frequently outperforming more pricey versions.

This rangefinder delivers accurate readings up to 540 yards, with 6x magnification and precision within one yard. The interface is displayed through the eyepiece, and features pinseeker technology designed to target subjects against a background that was packed. Additionally, it features scanning mode, which enables users to cycle through the targets in the perspective of the device’s ranges.

The VPRO500 has an eye-catching, contemporary design that is designed to fit in the palm of the hand. The construct is lightweight, durable and ergonomic. It is both water- and – dust-resistant (but not waterproof).

Most fans of the rangefinder argue they do not need anything more than what the VPRO500 provides–that, for the cost, is plenty. This rangefinder is a fantastic choice if you don’t wish to spend a couple hundred dollars on higher-end rangefinders’ bells and whistles. It is fast, accurate, and easy to read.

The stripped down interface was favored among many first time users. Within this VPRO500’s selection, this version proved models. The operation has the extra bonus of being used in other programs–builders and a few hunters stated that the VPRO500 was their model. They stated that while it may not be as complicated or feature packed as models, it got the job done. Many buyers purchased this. They used it among other things, for hunting ranges, landscape designs, and planning fences.

Reviewers were also big fans of their customer service department in TecTecTec. Many reported that customer service agents were friendly, eager to assist, and accommodating. If you are purchasing your rangefinder that is a big plus. Additionally, with any purchase, it is comforting and reassuring to find.

The shortcomings of the model are what you would expect at the price–many crucial reviewers complained of these limitations in accuracy and scope of the VPRO500.

Additionally, it falls somewhat short in its ability to differentiate the perfect target immediately. Though the mode can help pick the goal out, the response time is longer than the other two models we looked at.

The low cost of this TecTecTec VPRo500 should not lead you to think it is a low-quality product. To the contrary, this rangefinder has spent in the qualities.

For those who have a limited budget, or if you’re new to the world of rangefinders, we advocate the VPRO500. It’s simple to use, accurate, versatile and (best of all) it will not set you back hundreds of dollars.

Things to Look For in a Golf Rangefinder
Now that we have laid out our favourite models at this time, let us take a look at a number of the qualities that produce a fantastic golf rangefinder.

Remember: Focus on what matters!

It is important not to get distracted by the special characteristics you’ll see listed on several models nowadays. GPS connectivity, and other attributes can be major selling points. Though they may be useful when used properly, they are not what makes a rangefinder that is fantastic!

Quality glass and quality electronic equipment will always be the benchmarks of a good ranging tool. It doesn’t matter how many extras your instrument has if it does not read true!

So instead of becoming distracted by the gimmicks, so make certain that you begin your shopping by analyzing the specifications of the rangefinder you are contemplating. Any rangefinder should have analyzed specs. They are the brass tacks when it comes to those pieces of gear! Specs are performance that is objective can be measured by you.

All of the bells and whistles in the world will not help your game if your rangefinder is fuzzy, incorrect, or myopic. That’s why before you consider the extras you need to start with the essentials!

Here are some Important specifications to Remember when evaluating a rangefinder:

The scope is the maximum distance that a rangefinder is capable of measuring. Golfing rangefinders have a rangeto signify the space the device can measure. These are often opposed to firm limits, since these gadgets’ performance will depend on problems. Range specs’ purpose would be to give a rough estimate of what you can expect from the instrument to you.

Range is a vital quality to examine prior to making a purchase. It’ll be frustrating to hit on the course to discover that your rangefinder will not have the ability to range the space that you want it to. Make sure where you would like to be with your match later on, and you consider the sorts of shots you are making, which courses you have played thus far. It is always better to overshoot and end up using more energy than you require! This way your instrument leaves you room to grow.

Finding out the precision of a rangefinder ought to be performed in two parts. You need to check for the specs that the business provides in the item listing. The number represents the margin of error for distance readings.

By way of instance, state the list for a rangefinder states, “accurate within one lawn” That means the distance is between 199-201 yards if you get a reading of 200 yards. The smaller the margin of error.

Unfortunately, most of us know that a business’s claims do not always play out in the actual world. Rangefinder performance can vary based on the product’s grade. So the second significant part assessing accuracy should be looking to see what others have to say about the precision of the rangefinder. That is one area! We’ll explain how the claims stack up to consumer experience.

the caliber of visibility through a rangefinder is also an extremely important element. Optics are a combination of high quality glass magnification, and a screen. Which means you aren’t confined to using your rangefinder, many models utilize technology to increase visibility in many different lighting conditions.

The only way to really determine the optical quality of a rangefinder is to read the testimonials of a specific model. This is left up to the user, although there are numerous models which promise to deliver optics. Learning a rangefinder works will help give you a better outlook on the best way best to pick the product that is best.

Which Golf Rangefinder is Right for You?

The clear winner for the typical buyer is the Bushnell Tour Z6. Among the models we have reviewed so far, we believe that is the finest in terms of value. The Tour Z6’s price point, combined with against the truth, clarity of the equipment, speed, make for a excellent purchase for the buyer. The Tour Z6 goes beyond what most golfers need, although it isn’t quite as flawless or strong as the Guru X7.

If you are prepared to spend a little extra, and are an ambitious player, you need to think about the Bushnell Pro X7. Often known as “the most effective rangefinder” available at the moment, the Guru X7 has cemented its reputation as the version of choice to PGA golfers. The Guru X7 is a must-have for golfers want gear. It is more precise and stronger than the Tour Z6 if it’s overkill for the weekender. You will need to have the ability to manage it but we see no reason to settle for the Tour Z6 if you could have the phenomenal X7, if you’re able to.

While the Bushnell’s are our favorites that are clear at this time, we know they are relatively costly. With that in mind, we would like to urge the VPRO500 to people may be searching for something. It’s an exceptional option for golfers or beginners with a budget for equipment. The TecTecTec VPRO500 is a unit with a range that golfers swear by. With all the quality, range and accuracy contained in this unit, the VPRO500 is a bargain pick. If you are semi-professional, or a player, this one may not pack.